Money Saving Tips
Determining the cost of work includes a variety of factors. Some of these factors include the size of the tree, location, overhead utility lines, and so on. If a tree is located near a home or garage, it will cost significantly more to remove than if the tree was located in a wide open area. There are several ways that a homeowner can save money on tree work, in some cases by 50%. The following is some consumer tips on how to save money when preparing for tree work.

Preparing your Landscape

In most cases you can save hundreds, sometimes thousands, with a little landscape preparation. It is a good idea to price the cost of the plants or flowers that you are concerned about and decide if it is more cost effective to replace the plants or pay the tree service, sometimes thousands more, to technically rig the tree to save the plants or flowers in question. One thing that I always suggest is transplanting and moving all potted plants during the tree work process. If you have a section of fence that is near the tree in question, it can save you money to remove the section during the tree work process. Utility lines such as cable, phone, and electric can be dropped at no cost to the homeowner by your utility companies, saving you hundreds, sometimes thousands.

Firewood and Debris

One way to cut your costs significantly, sometimes by 50%, is to keep the wood generated from the tree work and use it for firewood. Even if you don’t burn firewood, in most cases, you probably know someone who does that is just a phone call away. We will cut the wood into firewood size rounds and leave it for you to split into pieces that will fit in your wood stove or fireplace, saving you hundreds, sometimes thousands. Debris removal is also a big portion of the cost for your tree work. If you want to get a “Bang for your buck”, processing all of your own debris is also an option. We can work twice as fast and remove more trees per day if we are not spending ½ of our time processing debris. Although this method is more work for you, choosing to process your own debris allows you to get more tree work done for your money.

Discount Coupons

Taking advantage of discount coupons when offered, is a good way to save money on tree work. Clear View Tree Care offers a 10% discount on all tree work to first time customers and a 10% discount to senior citizens (All discounts by Clear View Tree Care are only good for jobs under $2500.) We also offer seasonal discounts throughout the year with savings up to 15% off all tree work under $5000. Just simply present any valid Clear View Tree Care coupon when the work has been completed and we will deduct the discounted amount off the top of the balance due. Check our website periodically at for printable discount coupons.

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