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Clear View Tree Care has all the necessary equipment and recourses to selectively harvest timber. Our crew takes pride in safely harvesting trees with minimal environmental impact to your land. Our local connections allow us to maximize your profit margin by saving you money on trucking and ensuring top dollar at the mill. We are staffed with a team of experienced climbers and fallers which allows us to successfully remove trees near waterways and structures without damaging existing vegetation.

What Is Pre-Fire Management?

Since 1923, more than 15000 homes and other structures have been damaged or destroyed by wildfires in California. By placing the emphasis on what needs to be done long before a fire starts, pre-fire management actions can reduce property losses, firefighting costs, increase firefighter safety, and contribute to ecosystem health.

Fire Prevention

When you remove flammable vegetation and create a fire safe landscape of at least 30 feet around your home ( and up to 100 feet in some areas), you create a “defensible space” an area that will help to protect your home and provide a safety zone for firefighters who are battling the flames. Unmanaged, densely-packed forested and vegetated areas provide ample fuel for flames to spread. Well managed forests and wild land areas reduce fire hazard, and improve forest health, wildlife habitat, and watershed recourses.

Timber Harvest Plan

The Timber Harvest Plan (THP) is the blue print submitted by a landowner to CDF outlining what timber they want to harvest, how it will be harvested, and the steps that will be taken to prevent damage to the environment. THP’s are prepared by Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) who are licensed to prepare these complicated, detailed plans. THP’s can range from about 100 pages to more than 500 pages.

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